Before, Day 1 | After, Day 60

I started using Collagen Lift at the beginning of November 2014. Within the first 3 weeks I noticed that my complexion was brighter and my face was plumper. At this stage my friends commented that “my eyes look great”.

After 6 weeks the redness in my cheeks was less prominent and my skin was more radiant.

At the end of 8 weeks, some of the lines at the corners of my eyes had shortened, the lines around my mouth became less prominent and one frown line between my eyebrows had shortened. Additionally, my whole body had a more toned look, meaning that Collagen Lift improved my skin from head to toe. I made no changes with regard to nutrition or exercise, just took one ampoule every day 30 min before breakfast with a bit of water.

I would definitely recommend Collagen Lift to anyone over 40 who would like to look younger.

Annette Delport

Before, Day 0 | After, Day28

Before, Day 0 | After, Day28